UNION of WORLD CARTOONISTS 1st International UWC Cartoon Contest 2018
Contest Specification 1- The competition is open to all world cartoonists. 2- The subject of the competition: “Cartoon Contests” 3- Participation will be done via internet. 4- Free the drawing technique. Jurors -The jury members of the contest are caricaturists who send cartoons to the competition. (Those who do not send cartoons to the contest will not be accepted.) Deadline: September 30, 2018 Contact: uwccontest@gmail.com How to vote? Cartoons sent to the contest, those who are new to the line and those who are not suitable for the competition will be eliminated. This is for a week; Those who send cartoons to the competition should write the first 5 cartoons they like to uwccontest@gmail.com. The preliminary works will be published for one week at www.worldcartoonists.com after September 30, 2018. The cartoons that receive the most votes after a week will be announced on the UWC website. Awards - 5 cartoonists with the most votes “UWC cartoonist prize of the year” (award plaque + certificate) - Membership of the jury in cartoons competitions organized by the UWC.
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